Hi! This is a space I use for sharing my writing and travel musings.

My most recent writing from summer 2018 will chronicle my time interning at the Salzburg Global Seminar in Austria and traveling around Europe. 

I originally created this site as a blog during my gap year before going to college, to write about my time spent working in Belgium, Spain, Australia, and Vietnam, and also my travel escapes around Europe and South East Asia in between.

That year of solo-travel opened my eyes to the joys, struggles, and endless opportunities for self-development that the vagabond-life offers. After finally returning from teaching English in Vietnam and working as a sailing instructor, I returned to the real world and started college in fall 2016, but with more new knowledge than I could’ve gained in one year of school.

Now I am a student at Harvard University concentrating in Social Anthropology with a secondary in Environmental Science and Public Policy. 

Last summer, in 2017, I put on my backpack once again and set off for yet another bout of solo-travel, this time working for Harvard’s student travel guide company, called Let’s Go Travel. I was hired as Researcher-Writer for Eastern Spain, Morocco, and Southern France. Afterwards, I continued to Italy where I worked on an organic farm in Tuscany.

On this site, you’ll find a combination of travel-guide excerpts, blog-style entries, traveling tips, gap-year advice, some professional writing and other reflections/video montages about past adventures.