Hi, I’m Julia!

This is a space I use for sharing my travel musings and other creative pursuits.

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I’ve had the amazing fortune to have spent almost all of my time outside of university traveling and working around the world.

2019: I am interning with a sustainable development NGO, called S3IDF in Bangalore, India. I am conducting my social Anthropology thesis research on changing development paradigms, knowledge flows, and climate-resilient smallholder farm policy in India. I am studying the production, use, and evaluation of knowledge in the sustainable agriculture supply chain from market, science, and policy perspectives. 

2018: I lived in the fairytale city of Salzburg, Austria for two months, interning at the Salzburg Global Seminar. Every weekend I went exploring Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Prague, Paris, and all around Bavaria.

2017: I put on my backpack once again and set off for yet another bout of solo-travel, this time working for Harvard’s student travel guide company, called Let’s Go Travel, covering 25 cities in Eastern Spain, Morocco, and Southern France. Afterwards, I continued to Italy where I WWOOF’ed on an organic farm in Tuscany.

2016: I spent my gap year before college interning, vagabonding and attempting to find my direction in life. I spent the first half of the year working in Belgium and Spain, and the second in Australia, Vietnam, and Greenwich. The office life was nicely balancing with attending art school, bartending, and instructing English and sailing.

Now I am a student at Harvard University concentrating in Social Anthropology with a secondary in Environmental Science and Public Policy, graduating in 2020.