Up in the Air

I like to write on planes. Being up in the air, thousands of feet above civilization, I am high with my thoughts, far enough removed to look down with clarity.

    In my house, we have a big map that takes up almost the entire wall in our gym-room. I like to sit cross-legged on the floor and aimlessly wander the globe with my eyes, discovering new countries and capitals every time. Lately, I like to trace my fingers over the canvas, a plane of my past and imagined travels. My fingertip flights make me appreciate travel - the sheer distance, the smallness of our being. Traveling is much more than a block-buster movie in economy class, a snug seat in an air-conditioned cabin, and some salted peanut snacks. I am literally flying in the air, above our planet, right now. In a few hours, I will be on the other side of the United States, and soon I’ll be on the other side of the WORLD. When I was little (littler), I would go to the beach in the summer and like most kids, like to dig a hole pretending I was “digging to China!” I always gave up even before reaching a couple feet but even that idea seems simpler than constructing a mega-ton metal contraption that goes THOUSANDS of feet into the AIR and FLIES all the way around. When I do get to Asia this year, I’ll think about that. Ha, I just remembered a memory from those sand-digging days. I imagined that once I got through the fiery-burning core onto the other side, everyone’s feet would be glued to the Chinese sky and life would carry-on upside-down. 

    I am so lucky to have traveled all that I have already. I truly believe it is the best education. Not only has it completely opened my mind to other cultures but it has also encouraged me to embrace the unknown. Sitting on this plane, alone again on my new adventure, I am brimming with wanderlust - even more than 5 months ago when I set out for the first time. With all of the experiences and friendships I made in Europe stored in my heart, I know the potential of what lies ahead of me - and am so curious to see where I’ll end up.